Movement Lab Mini-Series

Movement Lab Mini-Series is a 3-part workshop investigating the assumptions we bring to  Movement Lab, a weekly community class open to all people. The series will mix discussion with movement exercises, facilitating both a verbal and non-verbal approach to understanding.

In partnership with Vested Interest and Near Northwest Neighborhood Association

Photo: Cara Givens,  @GIIIVENS

Photo: Cara Givens, @GIIIVENS

September 30 || October 7 || October 14

$25 all 3 || $10 per Part

Part 1: Permission

Sunday, September 30 || 3-5pm || Vested Interest

Part One explores ideas of Permission. We will ask questions like "to what do we give permission?" and "to who do we give permission?", leading us to understand the importance of permission as an assumption we bring to the lab. We will then experiment with permission through movement exercises, learning the ways in which we can execute personal freedom and choice.

Part 2: Trust

Sunday, October 7 || 3-5pm || Near Northwest Neighborhood Association

Part Two explores ideas of Trust. We will ask the questions "to what do we give trust?" and "to who do we give trust?" Through discussion and movement exercises, we will increase our capacity for trust, connecting more deeply to ourselves and to others.

Part 3: Release

Sunday, October 14 || 3-5pm || Near Northwest Neighborhood Association

Part Three explores the process of Release. The final stage of the workshop will be predominantly movement oriented. We will begin by experiencing release through the body, so that we can then discuss the process of release verbally. We will come to the process first through our physicality, rather than through our intellectual tendency.