Rooted in modern and contemporary dance form, this class utilizes technique based work and guided improvisation to strengthen bodily awareness in movement and deepen our sense of space and availability.

Class led by Chloe Ilene

Exploratory Rep

This class workshops learned repertory to explore sensation and quality in movement.

Class led by Joanna Whitmyer

Contemporary Forms

In this class we'll work from a modern template while exploring movement from the African diaspora.  

Build strength, stamina, and your sense of fierce.


A somatics movement class that takes place outside - focused on deconstructing the ideas of the body as other than nature. 

Natural Bodies

A modern class rooted in Limon technique that works on rebound, release, and recovery.

Rebound & Release

Where does power exist and how do we transfer it?  This class will explore how we release energy throughout the body and our relationship to moving in and out of space/s


This class will familiarize us with use of the floor as we work on inversions, rolls, and comfort in being close to the ground.