Who We Are

New Industry Dance consists of 7 artists who work together to create dance work and interdiscplinary art.


Chloe Ilene, Artistic Director

Chloe Ilene comes from a background in Modern, Ballet, and West African Dance. After taking a break from dance as an adult, she rediscovered her passion for movement in a West African dance class, before delving deeply into Modern Dance. She has since trained in Modern, Gaga, Improvisation, Composition, and Somatics, as well as other movement practices like Yoga, Pilates, and Skinner Release Technique. Some points of curiosity relationships, attraction, and fantasy, and she is especially interested in activating the imagination and "thinking body" while in movement. Her style has become progressively her own, as she learns to incorporate abundance of experience into practice.

In 2016, Chloe attended a Gaga Intensive where she had the opportunity to learn from Bobbi Jene Smith, Ian Robinson, and Adi Salant. In 2017, she attended MELT in New York City, hosted by Movement Research, where she learned from dance peers Juliette Mapp, Michelle Boulé, Barbara Mahler, K.J. Holmes, Jennifer Monson, Neil Greenberg, Vicky Shick, Mariana Valencia, and Yvonne Meier. Before becoming Artistic Director of New Industry Dance, Chloe danced with Fischer Dance for three years, eventually taking the role of Assistant Director in March 2018. Her time spent with Fischer Dance increased her interest in working with underutilized spaces and community movers. Her skill and capacity for contact improvisation and partnering were also strengthened under Fischer's direction. Chloe holds a B.A. in Anthropology and French, with a minor in Dance, from Indiana University South Bend, where she worked closely with Carolynn Hine-Johnson, Kelly Morgan, and Colin Raybin.


Anna Greenawalt, Dancer

Anna Greenawalt is a graduate of Columbia College Chicago with a degree in Early Childhood Education. Anna comes from a diverse background of experience and inclination. Anna's focus area is dance, but the aperture of her interest ranges from dance movement to writing, with travel and photography in between, all connecting on the place of imagery in motion and stillness. Born in South Bend, IN, Anna is familiar with the simplicity and complexities that envelop the Midwest. Anna's work is to identify and interpret social inequality in order to catalyze a cohesive future that finds pleasure in each other's company. Anna danced three seasons with Fischer Dance and is now in her fourth season with New Industry Dance.


Joanna Whitmyer, Dancer

Joanna Whitmyer is a Michigan native who began her dance training in Ballet at the age of six. Throughout her youth, she also studied Ballroom, Jazz, Tap, and Modern Dance. Diving deeper into improvisation and Gaga technique, she is a true believer in the power and resilience that can come from within the body. Joanna has danced with The Southwestern Michigan Dance Ensemble (2004-2007), The Citadel Dancers (2008), and Fischer Dance (2016-2018). She is thrilled to be returning for a fourth season with New Industry Dance.


Sharon Sims, Dancer

Sharon was born and raised in the city of South Bend where she began to explore human existence through movement and dance at an early age. With no formal training until high school, Sharon used movement as a means of meditation, release, healing, and creative imaginary exploration. As an adult, she is now focused on dance as a tool to create unity with the mind and body. She continues to use and teach movement exploration to promote healing and restoration from effects of abuse and trauma. She believes that with movement, we can draw near to and expose past memories, sensations, and emotions hidden in our subconscious minds. Sharon danced two seasons with Fischer Dance and is moving into her third season with New Industry Dance. She is delighted to have a community that supports and uplifts Modern Dance.


Maia Sutter, Dancer

Maia began dancing in creative movement classes as a small child and fell in love with the potential that lay in movement. While Modern remains her first love, she began her ballet training in Israel and has since explored a number of other styles, including Tap, Swing, Ballroom, and Jazz. For the past few years, she has also added aerial arts into her repertoire, training on both silks and lyra. Maia recently graduated from Indiana University South Bend with a major in French, a minor in Dance, and a certificate in Computer Programming. She is ecstatic to be back with the company after six months abroad, where she had the opportunity to work with artist in residence with the Ballet Preljocaj. Maia danced for two seasons with Fischer Dance and is now in her third season with New Industry Dance.


Mallory McAfee, Dancer

Mallory is a graduate of Purdue University with a degree in Chemistry and danced for the Purdue Contemporary Dance Company all through college. As a youth, Mallory studied with Bonnie Boilini Baxter in Ballet and Modern techniques. She had the opportunity to understudy "Ascension" choreographed by Bill Wade with Inlet Theater while in college, along with many other student and faculty works. Mallory danced with Fischer Dance for one season and is now continuing on to a second season with New Industry Dance.

Patrick Headshot.jpg

Patrick Quigley, Company Composer

Patrick Quigley has been making music for over 15 years. From ska to punk rock to looping instrumentals, he can create any atmosphere with sound. In addition to creating music, Patrick also creates space for other musicians in the South Bend community. He runs an underground venue in River Park, The Well, and helps spearhead River Lights Music Festival each year. You may know Patrick through Analecta, Boy Rex, or Sailbear, to name a few other projects.