Is there strength in vulnerability?

Is there strength in vulnerability?

Some of us are enculturated to view vulnerability as a weakness. But, is it possible to leverage vulnerability into a powerful tool for growth?

I believe the answer is yes. And movement is one way to facilitate this process.

Our bodies hold an abundance of knowledge. Memories and experience are stored as emotional residue in the muscles. Inner desires and personal ideas about who we are remain concealed outside our everyday awareness. Still, they exist.

Movement can be used as a launching pad to explore these things. When we move with awareness and intention, we gain access to everything our body stores.

This process is vulnerable for many reasons. One is that when we truly pay attention to our body we cannot always anticipate what might surface. What we realize might be uncomfortable to process or hard to digest.

Another reason is that we do not always want to face aspects of ourselves.

Do you like everything about yourself?
Are you completely honest with yourself all of the time?

The answers to these questions are complex, and the route to acceptance or change is not always easy. To see ourselves "as is" can be scary.

To move with intention is to allow ourselves to become vulnerable, not only with ourselves, but for ourselves.

This vulnerability creates personal transparency and honesty. It becomes a tool for growth because it unlocks doors we do not always open and allows a choice for change and transformation.

To let ourselves be vulnerable is a courageous act. But when we act with courage, we turn vulnerability into an amazing asset. And that's powerful.